We  have   about  5  little    girls  bikes  that  are   last  years  stock  and  their  brand  new  at  HALF PRICE  OR LESS TO CLEAR. 

For the perfect first or second christmass present this year, a new or a reconditioned bicycle is a great gift or you can get a voucher that can be used for servicing on a bike or as part payment for a new or used bike or any accessories.

Did you know that if you got a bike on the bike to work scheme over 5 years ago that you are eligible for another now and we are the only shop that will take your present bike as part payment for a new one.

Forme, Freespirit, Raleigh, Vikking, Riddick, Coyote, Ammaco, Rydale and many more

New and used bikes. 

Trade ins welcome. 

Repairs, Restorations, Rental, Service, Accessories, Mobile Bike Repairs, Bike wash, clean and re-greased professionally.

Free collection and delivery on repairs. 

Finance options available.

Bike/Cycle to work scheme available

All major credit cards and visa debit cards accepted


About Us
Located Just off Eyre Square, we are proudly Galway City's most central cycle store, being a one minute walk from the Train station, Bus station and Main Tourist office.

We have Galway City's first  and only mobile  bike repair sevice.
So you come out from work or home or your just cycling down the road and that dredded flat tyre happens ,well now you can call us and we will come with a spare tyre for you and fix it there and then in minutes ,or if some thing like a broken chain can leave you stranded ,if you loose your keys we can remove the lock for you ,we can even service your bike while your at work .we can usually be with you within minutes on our Electric bike so traffic not a problem,
Also if you have a few bikes for fixing we can bring the van and if there is a good bit of work to be done we can collect the bikes and fix them in the shop and deliver them back to you at no extra cost for collection or delivery.

We have DESIGNATED PARKING  at rear of shop ,So your driving up prospect with TK maxx on your left and when you look right and see the big ON YER BIKE signe on your right at the entrance to a car park ,drive in there and you will see the parking area for the shop.

Keep your money in the country and shop local. we operate a small personal professional bike shop so the person who sells you a bike is the one who puts it together for you and same person who will service it and take care of the bike like it was their own. as we all know [to many cooks spoils the broth.